The Kinkerbox Ethos

We launched Kinkerbox in 2020 to fill what seemed to be a big hole. We don't think sexuality is anything to hide or be ashamed about. Whether it's exploring new things with a lifelong partner, experimenting on your own, or enabling a more free and flowing sexual life. We embrace all forms of sexuality, and the changing place sexuality has in today's society.


It's a hugely exciting time to be alive, the norms are changing, rules are becoming outdated. Now more than ever before we can be who we want to be and sexuality and sensuality is a massive part of that.


Having a number of years experience in our changing new world, and going through the process of challenging those norms, at Kinkerbox we wanted to help with this sexual revolution. Many sex toy stores feel a little bit impersonal, a little bit crude or seedy; especially when you start to explore the world of kink and BDSM more. We wanted to challenge those perceptions and make kink and BDSM approachable and easy to navigate without it feeling in any way seedy (which it definitely is not). 


It's also hard to know where to start, especially if you are starting to explore this world on your own, and whilst that's amazingly exciting if you don't know what you are into, how do you know which road to walk down. Seeing the garish images of products available online it can be easy to be put off. Kinkerbox exists to help our customer discover new things. 


A Kinkerbox can be a conversation starter with a partner to explore things in a safe way, if you'd never known how to approach the subject of bondage, or shibari, or anal play with your partner, if the box arrives it's a step closer to fulfilling those fantasies.


A Kinkerbox is also a way for discovering new kinks you never knew you had. Ordering a solo Kinkerbox is a great way to start exploring yourself with the added excitement that you never know what to expect as you peel away the paper in the box.


Kinkerbox is created by women, for women. Yes sometimes those women will want to share the experience with men, sometimes they won't. We are focused on helping women discover their sexuality. We work with many brands run by women, it's a big focus for us to support amazing women around the world who are helping us all challenge the norms of what society expects from us. It may be a small move, but it's one we are passionate about.


Female first sexual freedom. With heart and soul in every personalised Kinkerbox.




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