Product of the Week: Hoopla Sensual Massager

Debuting as our very first PRODUCT OF THE WEEK is this Hoopla Sensual Massager.


Made from soft and silky silicone the design is beautifully tactile and glide beautifully over the body. It has ten vibration setting, it's fully waterproof, USB chargeable and each charge lasts for about 3 hours. The hoop shape makes a tantalising change from bullet vibes, easier to hold, and a nice smooth shape - whilst your focus is elsewhere! Great for your partner to hold whilst indulging in a little penetrative doggy <3


Our top tips for using this ... pop it into an overnight bag for a little bit of fun on the go ... perfect now we are allowed sleepovers again :-) So, pack your bag, find a sleepover buddy (or actually perhaps find a buddy first - it's best not to be too presumptuous ;) ) and use the Hoopla to start spicing things up softly ... and then for adding a bit of an extra buzz when things get steamy.


We'll be adding the Hoopla Sensual Massager into our Mild and In The Middle boxes and those for our customers who are looking for max clitoral stimulation.


If you don't want to leave it to change add a note into you're profile that you'd like to give the Hoopla a go. (Obviously whilst stocks last).


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Loved finding this in my kinkerbox – thanks guys 🙌🙌😘

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