Drip, Drip, Drip

It's getting hot in here

Wax play tends to bew one of the hottest performances at a naughty caberet; well in the places we used to hangf out pre-covid anyway! And if you've seen the show you wont be alone in thinking about how you can recreate that experience at home. 

Wax can be a great way of exploring dominance and submission and testing your own boundaries.

And it's pretty simple to get started ... especially when our naughty Kinkerbox curators are partial to slipping in a couple of our candles into your Kinkerboxes.

If their is one thing to remember about getting started with wax play it's quite simple ... USE THE RIGHT CANDLES! Or to put it more simply don't use a standard candle - your tealights might look pretty on the bedside table - but leave them there!

Our wax candles are especially developed to melt at a low temperature for safe but saucy BDSM play.

Our tips for safe and fun wax play:

  • Keep the candle about 18inches away from the skin
  • Communication is key – and always have a safe word incase it gets too much
  • Shaved skin works best with wax so it’s easy and pain free to clean up afterwards
  • Never use standard household candles they may burn the skin
  • Avoid dripping wax on the face and eyes
  • Don’t use a gag when playing with wax – communication is important
  • Test the sensation of wax by yourself first so you know what to expect.

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