An Orgasm a Day ...

Women still often feel a lot of shame around masturbation, and it is still seen as a taboo in many conversations. This is a mindset at Kinkerbox we are on a mission to change.  We firmly believe that self-love is a huge part of self care and overall well-being, with benefits reaching far beyond just sexual pleasure.


We need to know ourselves before we can expect others to understand what makes us tick ... and let's face it whether you are in a relationship or not sometimes alone time is essential. And just in case you need anymore persuasion there are many health benefits to orgasms.


1. When women have sex (and orgasms) we produce the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen helps make our hair shiny and skin smooth ... so it's like a visit to the spa!


2. Orgasms also boost collagen production too which helps maintain a youthful appearance


3. The endorphins we release during orgasm help lower blood pressure and stress levels


4. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal the more orgasms you have the longer you are likely to live. OK the research was on men, and showed men who orgasm twice a week versus once a month are less likely to die prematurely ... but it's worth assuming this also applies to women - I mean what is there to lose!


5. Orgasms help you sleep better


Sex toys are just as important for self-love as for partnered sex, explore different toys and sensations can spice things up. And it definitely doesn't need to be limited to just dildos or vibrators. Love eggs, butt plugs, nipple suckers are all great to explore on your own. But even without toys why not try experimenting by yourself with ice, warming or cooling sensation lubes, wax (just use a low heat wax!) experiment, enjoy, notice your reactions ... think of it as training so you know better what to ask for next time you are with a partner. But most importantly think of it as self-care.


Just remember ... an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away <3



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